Together with Emilie Wilde and Cris Rodero

            In the midst of a year filled with political turmoil, civic unrest, globally pervasive diseases, Quarantine arrives. It was an attempt to mediate the collective loss that was suffered as consequence of 2020. Quaranzine was made as a way to keep bedroom-bound artists connected to each other in spite of the lockdown we were all struggling to make the best of.  Intending to make a place separate from our hyper commercialized social media streams, we courted submissions to feature in our twice-weekly digital zine, free to read and access.  Combining artists at every stages of their career, we also hosted digital concerts to help fundraise for various memorial funds and charity needs.  We felt this was a way to bridge people from all different backgrounds and experience, regardless of their medium, to feel close to others that may live on the other side of the world.