Zoe Whalen Season 3 @ KidSuper

        Assisting with direction and design for Zoe Whalen’s third clothing collection at KidSuper’s Theatre in Chinatown, NYC, I helped to choregraph a multisensory experience.  Helping the casting of flowers, glitter, and dice into jello molds to set the scene turned to curation of soundscape for the performance.  The models were to act out a fantastical supper - one that begins with calming live flute music with soft nature sounds flitting in the background.  As the dinner becomes a spectacle, the audience swells as the behavior of the models devolves.  A playful and wild side in unleashed as the models begin losing the garments of clothing in favor of table clothes and smeared food.  As the nature sounds amplified drown out the flute completely, the models regain composure and exit stage.  

Photos by Emma Craft, 2018.

Zoe Whalen Season 5 @ Purgatory

        Conceived as a way to thematically fit the collection to its presentation location - a gravestone carving facility turned club - the audience was to experience the garments as a part of a performance symbolizing the journey of life to death.  Ephermal curtains enshrouded the models at first, as they discovered a new world, finding audience members and themselves as objects of fascination.  As they wove through the crowd they became bolder in their antics, folding into themselves or consuming the space around them.  There was a break in the performance, where an a capella performance by New York hip-hop artist TWO32 ended the performance as the models buried him alive with petals on stage.