Completed at Landing Studio

          The Richardson Plaza Rennovation project turned a barren concrete plaza into a valuable asset for the Northeastern University Arboretum.  A series of movable planter boxes would allow trees to mature on the Plaza before moving elsewhere on campus.  Some of these planters could double as tables, making an outdoor working and learning place with plenty of seasonal interest through the years.  A selection of off-the-shelf furniture would allow for even more people to pour into the space, giving life where there was little before.

        Adaptable wooden furniture was designed and fabricated to nestle into or ontop of the more permanent concrete elements of the Plaza, increasing their comfort levels by ten-fold.  Richrdson Plaza’s steps, while on their own too shallow and long to sit on comfortably, were equipped with an assortment of custom seating options that fit snugly on top of them.  Handholds were included to allow anyone to move or re-arrange the seats in a way that fit the need at the time.  Activating the clocktower steps with this tactical urban intervention could allow the school to host lectures or events at the space as well.

        Designs were honed with on-site measurements and 1:1 prototypes before buildouts.  Some of the pre-cast elements slated for demolition were in fact contiguous with the roof of the Law School that lays beneath the Plaza.   This meant an opportunity for more adaptations!  The concrete stools that were too narrow and short to sit on comfortably were widened and raised to provide a rest for weary student and urbanite alike.