A baugrouppen is a group of people who come together to act as the architect and developer of a site.  For our proposal, we imagined a baugrouppen centered around a community of wheels - for those whose bicycles, wheelchairs, skateboards, and rollerblades are an inseparable part of their lives.  We designed a central ramp that anyone may roll onto directly from the street level.  The ramp provides an accessible pathway between each of our three buildings that reside on the site.  One building for the residents’ apartments, one for the bike shop, and one for the cafe.  The masses morph and weave with the ramp as it connects all of the different program.  The ramp becomes  an internal and inseparable part of the project as a whole, obscuring a distinction between the individual nodes of the system to create a unique park-circulation.  A corridor peels off of the ramp’s main path allows privacy for the residents before entering their individual apartments.  The groundscape has also been reconsidered.  The masses all sit atop a concrete hard-scape with small undulations for free flowing wheeled movement with graveled portions that encourage slowing down as well.  As one approaches the back ends of the site, there is a green softscape that functions as a conventional park that invites patrons viewing the project from varying distances,